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Texas appeals lawyer Ryan Clinton has handled a wide variety of Texas appeals, including oil-and-gas appeals, government-law appeals, contract appeals, business appeals, tax appeals, and personal injury appeals. He has also published multiple papers for continuing legal education conferences.

Ryan Clinton Speaks at State Bar of Texas Advanced Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law Conference

On September 29, 2017, Texas appellate attorney Ryan Clinton spoke to an audience of Texas oil-and-gas attorneys, in-house counsel, and industry professionals at the 35th Annual State Bar of Texas Advanced Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law Conference in Houston, Texas.

Ryan spoke about Texas oil-and-gas law's repudiation doctrine, which---in its simplest form---holds that a lessor's repudiation of an operative oil-and-gas lease relieves the lessee of any obligation to conduct further operations on the lease until such time as a court resolves the dispute between the parties over the lease's validity.  But the simplicity of the doctrine in concept has broken down in its application in Texas cases, and parties and litigants in Texas have been left with confusing and often conflicting guidance from Texas courts---including the Texas Supreme Court.

Ryan's accompanying paper on the topic explains the basics of the doctrine, the elements often required by courts to prove the doctrine, and the conflicting judicial interpretations of the doctrine.  To read Ryan's paper in full, click the link below:

Ryan Clinton, To Drill or Not to Drill: The Repudiation Doctrine, State Bar of Texas 35th Annual Advanced Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law, September 29, 2017.