Texas Oil, Gas, & Energy Lawyer

Ryan Clinton has handled a wide variety of oil, gas, and energy-law appeals.

Oil, Gas, & Energy Law

Since returning to private practice in 2008 after a six-year stint as an Assistant Solicitor General for the State of Texas, Ryan Clinton has practiced appellate law primarily in the oil, gas, and energy arena.  Ryan and his colleagues at Davis, Gerald & Cremer have developed a deep understanding of the novel and complex legal challenges facing the Texas oil-and-gas industry, and Ryan's appellate experience continues to benefit the firm and its energy clients.  Ryan has represented clients in a wide variety of oil, gas, and energy disputes on subjects including retained-acreage clauses, lease-termination claims, farmout agreements, surface-estate usage, trespass, executive rights, royalty disputes, property damage, personal injury, and arbitration appeals. 

Ryan's successful representation of oil-and-gas interests in the Texas Supreme Court, the Texas courts of appeals, and Texas trial courts includes:

  • Victories in two retained-acreage-clause cases in the Texas Supreme Court. Endeavor Energy Resources, L.P. v. Discovery Operating, Inc., 554 S.W.3d 586 (Tex. 2018); XOG Operating, LLC v. Chesapeake Exploration Ltd. P’ship, 554 S.W.3d 607 (Tex. 2018).

  • The vacatur of a $125,000,000.00 artibration award based on “evident partiality.” Tenaska Energy, Inc. v. Ponderosa Pine Energy LLC, 437 S.W.3d 518 (Tex. 2014).

  • The reversal of a multi-million dollar award and rendition of a take-nothing judgment in a lease-termination dispute involving a farmout agreement. Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. v. BMT O&G TX, L.P., 473 S.W.3d 341 (Tex. App.--El Paso 2015, pet. denied).

  • The reversal of a multi-million dollar award and rendition of a take-nothing judgment in a gas-royalties dispute potentially affecting hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties. Occidental Permian Ltd. v. Helen Jones Foundation, 333 S.W.3d 392 (Tex. App.—Amarillo 2011, pet. denied).

Ryan's success has not gone unnoticed by his peers, and he has repeatedly been asked to contribute to continuing-legal education seminars.  His oil-and-gas scholarship includes:

Ryan Clinton can be reached by e-mail at rdclinton@dgclaw.com or by phone at 512.493.9600.